my apps

Android market is now Google Play Store.
and now i have 4 apps in the new Google Play Store.
click the link below and dowload all my apps for free!!!

as usual, feel free to rate and review the apps.

Gigi de Martino app as soon as possible

do you know Gigi de Martino???
well i will release soon an app about Gigi de Martino, dj and producer!!!
here you are his last work

stay tuned!!!

i want some more...

I understand a couple of think...
if you want to be a developer and you want fast and good looking apps you have only one way: learn and understand html5 + css3.

Now, i want to refresh the app Cammino di Santiago, with better navigation into sections, but first i have to learn html5 + css3... Right now i'm not a web developer...

I'm making some experiment with "mobile by Conduit" platform... intreasting and fast but it generates heavy and slow web app... 

go on...

back from a little holiday in UK, I'm ready to work on my new apps!!
a lot of ideas in my mind... you will see!!

Cammino di Santiago 1.1 - Android Market - FREE

I did a minority release of Cammino di Santiago, there were some mistakes in the use of admob...
now everything is ok, so download the new version of the app.

my apps in Android Market

ladies and gentleman... my first two apps in Android Market!
please,feel free to download, rate and write a review!

equaTech - Android Market - FREE

Cammino di Santiago - Android Market - FREE

2 apps right now

Making apps is not easy... Now I know that!
I lost my time playing around with Andromo and some html code.
I made 2 apps:
The first one is a super-easy app made totally with Andromo features to bring my italian speaking blog equaTech in the Android market.
The second one is a first realease of a smartphone-friendly guide to the pilgrim road to Santiago "Cammino di Santiago" in italian. You will ask why, I answer: because my father did this road and wrote a book, or better, a guide. He published the guide on his own and ask me to create an app to make something useful for pilgrims. I did it.
This app take me a lot of time, the graphic is simple and the navigation into the pages is not always perfect, but it works and give you all the informations you need. I will make this app better as soon as I can. The app is italian language only, if someone want to translate it, please contact me.
Special thanks to my brother for graphic help.

let's start the adventure...

I'm making experience in android development...
My first try is somenthing simple with Andromo platform... I really like the work that they did, but I'm a developer, I want to write code...
I find this post about a free blackberry playbook for android developer and well, I like blackberry a lot, so I will try to get one!
Now, I'm learning two subjects... android development and blackberry playbook development.

hello world

hello world…
this is my official blog about my experinces as a developer on any mobile platform.
stay tuned!!!