2 apps right now

Making apps is not easy... Now I know that!
I lost my time playing around with Andromo and some html code.
I made 2 apps:
The first one is a super-easy app made totally with Andromo features to bring my italian speaking blog equaTech in the Android market.
The second one is a first realease of a smartphone-friendly guide to the pilgrim road to Santiago "Cammino di Santiago" in italian. You will ask why, I answer: because my father did this road and wrote a book, or better, a guide. He published the guide on his own and ask me to create an app to make something useful for pilgrims. I did it.
This app take me a lot of time, the graphic is simple and the navigation into the pages is not always perfect, but it works and give you all the informations you need. I will make this app better as soon as I can. The app is italian language only, if someone want to translate it, please contact me.
Special thanks to my brother for graphic help.